Income Disclosure - How This Nigeria MLM Web Site Makes Money

Welcome to the income disclosure section of the premium Nigeria mlm web site.

This page is a demonstration of my commitment to ethical business practices.

So, how does this Nigeria mlm web site make money?

This Nigeria network marketing web site was built by a Nigeria network marketer, who is also a network marketing consultant, Samson Itoje.

Consequently, the first obvious way this web site makes money is through commission payment for mlm product sale and mlm business opportunity sales to mlm opportunity seekers.

This network marketing information and business opportunity web site promotes a network marketing company with operations in Nigeria as well as about 50 other countries of the world. This means you can still join the business opportunity promoted on this web site even if you don't live in Nigeria.

Other Ways This Network Marketing Web Site Makes Money

This Nigeria network marketing web site also makes money through . . .

  • Contextual ads from contextual ad networks
  • direct ad placement by network marketers and other business people
  • affiliate program networks
  • a small business web hosting affiliate program
  • Ebook sales and
  • mlm web site design

    I am a man of integrity and therefore recommend only products I sincerely believe will benefit my audience, including YOU.

    Yes, I earn a commission when you buy from the merchants I recommend. But I recommend them only because I believe that what they offer will benefit my audience.

    If a merchant has a reputation for fraudulent practices and yet offers mouth watering commissions to affiliates, my Christian trained conscience will not allow me to promote that kind of merchant . . . no matter the potential earnings at stake.

    I am a man of honesty and integrity. And therefore will not promote anything dishonest.

    I believe that the way to build a long-term business is to treat your customers the way you will like to be treated (the golden rule!).

    My goal for this web site is to show network marketers and mlm opportunity seekers in Nigeria, and the world over, how having an online presence can grow their network marketing business.

    Yes, I believe that you can have a network marketing home based business and earn good income from it.

    This network marketing web site was created to prove to doubting network marketers that this system of mlm lead generation really works.

    It actually goes a step further.

    It shows network marketers how they too can start their own mlm work from home business and build their own mlm web site that generate free mlm leads to their mlm business.

    Don't think you can do it yourself? Or don't have time to do it yourself?

    No problem.

    I take care of the technical part of building an online mlm business for network marketers all over Nigeria.

    I am committed to giving visitors to this Nigeria network marketing web site the very best network marketing advice available so they too can make good money from own network marketing business.

    Ready to succeed?

    Contact me.

    Best Regards,

    Samson Itoje

    The MLM Consultant


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