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Common Mistakes By Network Marketing Distributors

by Samson Itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

There are four common mistakes network marketing distributors make that stand in the way of their success with mlm distributor business.

Below I share these common mistakes with the hope that it will help you avoid these common mistakes and help you grow your mlm income.

Common MLM Mistakes

The first common mistake is that most network marketers talk too much.

Yes, network marketers are excited about their business and so they are moved to talk excitedly (even exaggeratedly) about the company they represent especially when they newly join the company.

Guess what.

That strategy is not likely to make you a lot of money.


Well, the person you’re talking to with so much excitement and enthusiasm may wonder if you’re trying to stampede him into a get-rich-quick scam or feel “WOW! I can’t possibly talk as well as this guy so I can’t possibly be a part of this business!”

A better approach is to saw a few words, refer the person to your distributor website to read more and then invite the person to attend a formal business presentation.

Your goal is to present facts that helps the person decide to do this NOT stampede him into getting him join only for him to have “buyer remorse” a few days or weeks after.

Second, thousands of network marketers jump from opportunity to opportunity. When they hear of a new company in town with amazing compensation plan, they jump in. After six months they are looking for another new mlm company to join.

Hello! You won’t build massive income that way!

Find the best mlm company with the best compensation plan and then stick with it.

Third Common Mistake: Thousands of network marketers become distributors for multiple network marketing companies at the same time. They believe that being a partner with more than one company will secure their income.

Click HERE to read why you shouldn’t do this if you really want to succeed with network marketing business.

Fourth common mistake: Thousands of network marketers are looking for mlm opportunities with high fast start bonus. They want to start with big capital (say, =N=200,000) and get a whooping 30 – 40 percent fast start bonus so they can start earning big within a couple of weeks. They forget that fast start bonus is paid only once to the sponsor. That is, the very month or week the new affiliate or distributor joins the business.

No wonder this category of mlm distributors keep jumping from one mlm opportunity to another!

Click HERE to read more about why this strategy won’t take you very far if you choose to go that route.

Bottom line.

Avoid these mistakes!

Understand that network marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Most people will not get rich quick through network marketing.

In fact, most people may not get rich at all through network marketing.


The reason is obvious.

Most people do the wrong things or have the wrong expectations.

The wrong things PLUS the wrong expectations EQUALS failure.

My advice?

Do the right things for your mlm business so you can make a lot of money from your business.

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