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Choosing An MLM Company - Questions To Ask Before Joining

by samson itoje
(Lagos Nigeria)

Thinking of joining an mlm company?

Want to join a network marketing company so you can take advantage of leverage and residual income?

Great. You have made the right decision.

However, I recommend that you should not behave like most people who become distributors for mlm companies?

Most network marketers join an mlm company because they were invited to a business presentation, heard the presentation and was moved by the electric atmosphere in the room.

The enthusiasm and excitement by the folks in the room was electrifying and so they jumped in. . . They registered, paid the fees and hope to create the same excitement in prospects.

Unfortunately, several months down the road, they realise they are not getting the results they hoped for. Then they begin to wonder why.

My advice?

Don't behave like those folks. . . Don't jump before you ask questions!

My recommendation is this: Ask the right questions before joining any mlm opportunity.


The reason is obvious. . . This is business!

When you register as a marketing partner or distributor for a network marketing company, you're actually starting an independent distributor business.

This means you will invest your money, time and other resources in developing and managing that business.

Since this business will consume your resources, it is important that you make the right choice because the right choice will make you a fortune whereas the wrong choice will cost you a fortune.

Want to make big money from your network marketing business?

Ask the right questions!

Questions You Should Ask Before Joining
Any MLM Opportunity

1. Is it legal or is it a pyramid scheme posing as a network marketing company? A good mlm company could make you good money while a pyramid scheme will get you into trouble with the authorities

2. Are the products high quality products? Do the products give value for money? Do they deliver on customer expectations?

3. How much do you need to start the business? And how much do you need to buy the minimum monthly order required for distributors to maintain active status? (That is, what is the amount required for the usual mandatory monthly autoship?)

4. What compensation plan does the company operate? Is the pay plan . . .

A) 100 percent binary compensation plan or

B) Unilevel plan or

C) Matrix pan or

D) Stair step break away or

E) Mixed plans?

I recommend you choose a company that pay distributors using 100 percent binary compensation plan because more money is available to distributors with this kind of plan and you build only two teams and have the potential to earn more money with less work.

5) What industry is the company? Electronics? Software? Beauty? Health & wellness? Health and wellness is by far more popular and perhaps more lucrative.

6) When are most of the bonuses paid? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Or monthly? Obviously it is better to choose a company that pays you weekly.

7) Are you paid on the sales volume or sales performance of everyone below you in the system (whether you personally enrolled them or not) or is your pay limited to a fixed number of levels below you?

Click HERE to read why it is more lucrative to be paid on all sales that occur below you in the system

8) Is your pay limited because of your entry level or entry level does not limit your bonuses?

9) How old is the company? 2yrs, 3yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs or greater than 10yrs? Choose a network marketing company that is at least 5years old.

10) Is the company a growing company? What is the company's turnover over the last 5yrs? Of course, you want to be part of a growing company NOT a stagnant or dying company!

11) Can you carry over points from one pay period to the next and get paid on it or do points FLUSH at the end of a pay period? Obviously, you make MORE money if points do not flush at the end of the pay period.

12) Break-Away: What happens if someone you introduced to the business begins to earn more than you? Is the compensation plan designed in such a way that the person breaks away from you and what you can earn on his sales volume thereby limited. Don't join a company with break-away clause! It will seriously limit your income!

13) How many countries does the company have business operations? Please choose a company that has offices in at least 30 countries. Why? Simple. You want to build an international business. If you choose to relocate from your country, your business (and your earnings from it) will not collapse because you relocated)

14) Recruiting / Sponsoring: How many ACTIVE distributors do affiliates need to recruit (or personally enroll) to earn on re-orders by team members? And how many ACTIVE distributors do affiliates or brand partners need to recruit (or personally enroll) to qualify to earn ALL the bonuses available in the compensation plan? The best mlm companies require distributors to personally enroll only 2 active distributors to qualify to earn on all re-orders by everyone below them in the system. And less than 10 active personal enrollees to qualify to earn ALL bonuses available in the compensation plan. Don’t settle for anything less!

Think through the 14 questions above and make sure you understand the impact of each on your earnings.

Remember . . . Making the wrong choice will cost you money.

Want to be part of a network marketing company that meets ALL of the above criteria?

Want to EARN WEEKLY INCOME from a multinational health and wellness company present in over 50 countries of the world?

Want an opportunity to earn as much as $25,000 USD per week or more?

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