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Cheap mlm lead Nigeria - The previous session discussed the importance of having cheap mlm leads or low cost mlm lead to any network marketing business in Nigeria and worldwide.

In summary, having cheap network marketing leads significantly reduces your mlm prospecting costs. And when your business costs drop, your mlm business profit increase.

The question we need to address next is, where do you get cheap network marketing lead to your mlm business?

Here's a short list of some sources of cheap multi level marketing leads.

1. Buy cheap mlm lead through cheap CPC (cost per click) ad sources (e.g. Google Adwords)

2. Buy email advertising in niche email lists or newsletter subscriber list

3. Buy classified ads in niche forums or directories

4. Buy banner ads in niche forums, directories, blogs, or websites

5. Buy offline ad space in niche offline magazines

6. Build niche high traffic website that bring free mlm leads to your network marketing business every day.

7. Strategically market to your email list when you send monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly newsletter to your subscribers

The list above is by no means exhaustive but covers the key areas where network marketers in Nigeria (and elsewhere in the world) can get cheap mlm leads.

Buying Cheap Network Marketing Lead

Take a second look at the sources of cheap network marketing lead mentioned above.

You will notice that items 1-5 in the list above involves spending money to buy mlm leads on an ongoing basis.

Is there something wrong with this?


The important thing is to buy cheap network marketing leads that are qualified mlm leads (or close to being qualified mlm leads). That is, multi level marketing leads that have a reasonable lead-to-customer conversion ratio.

If the lead-to-customer conversion ratio is too low and the cost per lead is high, the total lead acquisition cost may eat so deep into your profitability that running the campaign may be counter productive or too low-yield to be worth the trouble.

Bottom line.

Buy smart!

Buying Leads - The Business Approach

Here's a simple rule of thumb to follow when buying leads.

If the leads are highly targeted mlm leads, the lead-to-customer conversion ratio will be high. Therefore, be prepared to pay more per lead.

On the other hand, if you're advertising in a directory or forum that is not exactly targeted to your niche but has good traffic, negotiate a low pay per lead amount because this particular traffic source has to send hundreds of cheap mlm lead to your business for the conversion rate to make good business sense.

How do you know if the cheap network marketing lead source will have high lead-to-customer conversion ratio?

As mentioned above, if the network marketing lead source is highly targeted, you can expect high prospect-to-lead conversion ratio. So, expect less if it's not targeted.

However, you will need to actually buy leads and test out several lead sources to see the impact buying these leads will have on your mlm business profitability.

In simple words . . . some mlm lead generation sources that look promising may turn out to have disappointing conversion rate while some others that look as though they may not be qualified lead sources may turn out to be just the opposite.

My Advice?

Don't be afraid to experiment. Don't be afraid to take risks.

You will never know what the conversion rate will be unless you actually take the leap. That is why network marketing business, and indeed any kind of business, is not for the faint hearted.

P.S: Items 6 & 7 in the list above is covered indepth in the network marketing home based business, and the homebased mlm business sections.

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