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Best network marketing business guide Nigeria - What is the best MLM business to start?

That is one of the commonest questions asked by mlm business opportunity seekers. And the answer is simple.

The best network marketing business to start is an mlm business that guarantees that you will achieve mlm success sooner than later.

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What does that mean?

It simply means that it is easier to achieve success with some mlm companies than with others.

With some mlm companies, you work more to . . .

  • Recruit mlm leads
  • Train them to duplicate your strategy
  • Rise up the leader ladder and
  • Qualify for all the bonuses leaders get

    Remember, you're in for the money.

    Therefore, the best network marketing business to start (or the best mlm business to start) is one that makes it easier for you to recruit leads and to train these leads to duplicate your results so you can rise fast through the leadership ladder and earn all the juicy bonuses the company offers.

    Here's the hard truth.

    Only about 3-5 percent of people who join network marketing companies ever get to the top. And the top is where the big money is.

    So, what's your target?

    Of course, to get to the top of the hierarchy!

    But will that really happen? Can you achieve that target?

    Yes, but only if you make the right choices right from the start.

    Let's take the next few minutes to review the decisions you must make, and correctly, to become a distributor with the best network marketing business or company and earn juicy bonuses along the way . . . and right to the top.

    The Best MLM Business - The Criteria

    The best network marketing business or company to join is one that meets the following criteria:

    1. The company should be stable and have responsible people as directors

    2. The company should allow you to have a web site promoting its products online

    3. The products should be reasonably priced for the economic level of most of the people in the community where you will be promoting the products

    4. The mlm company's products should be effective as stand-alone products without the opportunity

    5. The mlm company should be in an industry that encourage repeat purchase (e.g. vitamin supplements, skin care etc)

    6. The company's compensation plan should allow to earn on the efforts of everyone in your team and not practice breakaway rules that limit your earnings

    7. The company's products should be readily available otherwise people will begin to smell fraud and that could ruin your business

    8. The company should pay commissions promptly. Ideally, every week or every 4 weeks NOT 6 weeks

    9. The company should allow you to recruit distributors or downlines from any country and pay you for the efforts of those distributors outside your country of residence

    10. The network marketing company must of necessity provide you a web-based account to track your mlm lead generation performance as well as your earnings

    The Best Multi Level Marketing Business - Accept Nothing Less

    One thing to remember when you start a multi level marketing business is this . . . you are an independent distributor, an independent business owner.

    You run a business of your own as a network marketer. Therefore, your goal as a business person is to maximize profit.

    Since your goal is to maximize your mlm business profit, you must of necessity look for the best network marketing business to start and then join the mlm company that guarantees that your promotional efforts will be more than adequately rewarded.

    Yes, the best mlm business to start is one that helps you reach the highest level of achievement in the network marketing company you promote . . . and with less stress.

    Use the criteria above.

    One more thing.

    Don't make the mistake the same mistake millions of network marketers make when promoting their mlm business.

    Instead, use the best mlm network marketing strategy to make your mlm business the best mlm business there is.

    Become one of the top recruiters and earners for your network marketing company!

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