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Best Home Business To Start Nigeria - Low Startup Capital, Low Running Cost, And High Return On Investment.

What is the best home business to start in Nigeria and worldwide?

In simple words . . . the best home business to start is the home based business that . . .

1. Requires low startup capital

2. Requires low maintenance cost

3. Produces products and services that are easy to sell

4. Has good repeat sales potential and

5. Has potential for high return on your investment

The best home based business to start is that business opportunity that meets all of the above five criteria.

Why is that so?

It's because you're in business to make money. And the best home business to start is that home business opportunity that makes it easy for you to make money . . . and loads of it.

So what is the best home based business to start based on the five criteria listed above?

There are two that comes to mind:

1. An mlm work from home business or what is commonly called network marketing home based business and

2. A home based internet business that monetizes web site traffic through contextual advertising, sale of e-products, and affiliate marketing

This chapter focuses on the first type of best home based business to start . . . the network marketing home based business.

So, what makes mlm network marketing one of the best home business to start?

Put simply, it meets the five criteria for the best home based business listed above.

Let's take a closer look at the criteria for assessing home businesses.

Startup Capital And Maintenance Cost - The Money Challenge

The first big challenge people face when it comes to starting a business is where to get the required startup capital.

Some folks are graduates of tertiary institution who having been looking for paid employment for years without success.

But where will they get the startup capital?

No job means no money. And they need money to start a business.

Similarly, thousands of young and old Nigerians have learnt a skill or craft and are itching to launch a business of their own. But lack of capital stops them from moving forward.

Since access to capital is such a big issue, it's obvious that the average person has a better chance at starting a business of his or her own if the startup capital is low.

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The other challenge related to business funding is the cost of maintaining the business.

Here's the truth.

Every business has a maintenance cost.

The maintenance cost is the minimum amount you spend each month to keep your offices or shop open fro business. This is your business overhead cost.

For example, if you open a tradition shop to sell wares, your maintenance cost includes:

  • Shop or office rent
  • Employee salaries
  • Utility bills (e.g. electricity bill, phone bills etc)
  • Equipment maintenance fees and
  • Inventory costs

This maintenance cost will be incurred whether you make sales or not.

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Since these costs are inevitable, the best home business to start is one that has low startup cost and low maintenance cost.

Here's the good news.

Network marketing business is just that kind of business.

With an mlm business, you can become an independent business owner with as little as 10,000 Naira. And your business maintenance cost is very low.

For example, one network marketing business opportunity in Nigeria has a startup cost of 45,000 Naira and a business maintenance cost of 10,000 Naira per month.

This is very low compared to the cost associated with tradition businesses.

High Return On Your Investment

Once you have dealt with the hurdle of capital sourcing, the next big question is, will you make money from the business?

You will if the home based business you chose has . . .

  • good repeat purchase rate and
  • potential for high return on your investment

Here again, online mlm business beats the pack hands down.

First, most network marketing business are in the health and nutrition industry. And these are the biggest repeat purchase industry in the world.

Second, mlm business is based on the concept of leverage.

This means when you become a distributor for an mlm network marketing business, you earn from your sales effort and from the sales effort of your team members.


There is no mistake about it.

The best home business to start is a network marketing home based business.

The question is . . . are you ready to do what it takes to become financially FREE?

If your answer is "YES!", fill the application form below to join a network marketing company with ZERO start-up capital, ZERO autoship requirement and potential to become a millionaire in 90 days or less.

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