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Best Home Base Business Opportunity Nigeria Africa

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MLM Home Business

Every smart Nigeria based mlm distributor will desire to join the best home base business opportunity available in Nigeria Africa.

The reason is pretty obvious. And they are listed below for the benefit of new opportunity seekers who may not be aware of what to watch out for when searching for (and deciding) which new opportunity to join.

Characteristics of The Best MLM
Home Business

1. The best network marketing home business enables you to work from home using your computer, internet access, and phone. This saves you the stress of daily commute and heart-breaking traffic jams. And, yes, a home based mlm business also helps reduce the cost of running your business since you commute less and acquire customers through the internet.

2.The best mlm companies have products that address real needs and give real value for money. And so, your customers will buy them again and again from you. Do NOT join any company that do not offer a valuable product or service!

3. The best home base business opportunity limits your personal monthly distributor purchase requirement (or autoship) to $50 dollars (about =N=10,000) or less per month. Therefore, you have less inventory to deal with and you can retail your personal purchase from the company (and stand a better chance to sell it all off) before the month ends and you have to make the next mandatory monthly purchase to qualify for commissions.

4. This type of mlm company takes appropriate precautions in the design and implementation of its compensation plan to ensure it does not stand the risk of being classified as a pyramid scheme by government regulatory authorities. This is because if an mlm company gets classified as a product based pyramid scheme (or a service based pyramid scheme), the company will eventually be shut down by regulatory authorities. And all distributors who profited from the company will be compelled to pay huge fines and even risk going to prison. Of course, you don't want to go to jail!

5. The compensation plan of the best mlm home business opportunity is designed to meet the 70-30 rule required by regulatory authorities. This means that the company must be seen to focus key resources on teaching its distributors to retail its products (that is, selling to actual customers). And therefore satisfy the 70-30 rule that says a minimum of 70 percent of participants in the program must be customers and not more than 30 percent should be distributors. Any program that does not satisfy this rule is called an illegal pyramid scheme by government regulators. And illegal pyramids are eventually  shut down by government regulatory agencies.

6. The retail price of the products of the best mlm company is usually set to be competitive so distributors can easily retail the products and find customers willing to buy the products at the set price. Think about it. What happens if the retail price is so high that it is difficult to retail the product? Yes, you won't be able to sell the products you purchase from the mlm company. And yes, you will run into a loss position and eventually abandon the company. Obviously, you don't want to lose money when you join any network marketing company. Therefore, be sure the products of the company you wish to join are not over-priced!

7. Recruiting: Distributors of the best home base business opportunities make money through retailing of the products of the mlm company and recruiting new distributors to join their team.

However, the best mlm companies design their mlm company plan to give more financial reward and incentives to distributors for retailing NOT recruiting.

If the emphasis in the network marketing company where you're at is on RECRUITING and more RECRUITING, then you're in the wrong company.


Well, the government regulatory agencies consider rewarding distributors for simply recruiting other distributors as a sign of a pyramid scheme. And yes, they will shut down that company sooner or later. So, choose wisely!

8. The best mlm home business opportunities focus on training their distributors, affiliates or brand partners on getting their products in the hands of end users. And they skew the reward system to payout more money for volume of products sold, NOT number of new recruits who purchase products.

If you're a distributor for a particular home based mlm opportunity and the focus of their distributor training program is NOT on selling the products (or reaching more end users with the company's products), then you're in the wrong place.

Get out of that company before it is shut down by the American federal trade commission (FTC) or the local government regulatory agency in Nigeria or anywhere you live in Africa or the world.

Make The Right Choice!

The seven criteria listed above clearly explains the attributes or characteristics of the best home base business opportunity and why each criteria is important to the long-term profitable of your mlm home business.

Bottom line.

Use the information above to make the right choice when choosing the mlm company to join.

What if you're in a network marketing company that does not satisfy the criteria above?

Get out! And fast!

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