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Attraction Marketing Nigeria – How To Use Attraction Marketing To Grow Your MLM Business

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Attraction Marketing Guide Nigeria - The first natural question is, "what is attraction marketing?"

This marketing technique refers to the marketing strategy that involves educating potential clients about your subject matter thereby establishing yourself as an authority before presenting them with what you have for sale.

This concept is also called Pre-selling in the world of online marketing. And it's one of the fundamentals of online business success.

For example, suppose you're a dentist who wants to establish a practice that attracts people who need your services.

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What's the first thing to do if you want to use attraction marketing technique to grow your business?

You start by creating a niche web site about everything related to caring for the human teeth and how to manage tooth related issues.

Your topical and information rich web site will be loved and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing if it adds unique value to the worldwide web.

When web surfers search for information related to your subject matter, your web site will be presented to them as an authority site on the subject.

As these web surfers read through the solid information on your web site, with pictorial illustrations that drive the point home, they begin to respect your work. Then they are attracted to you. Then they call you. Then they want to do business with you because they get the impression that you're the expect that they have been searching for.

This is the beauty of attraction marketing. And this technique works for every industry including network marketing.

For example, one of my team members called me awhile back to let me know why he signed up to join my network marketing business.

He has been an avid follower of my online Real estate magazine, The Nigeria Real Estate Guide. And has come to respect me as he reads issue after issue with admiration.

When I mentioned that I have launched a new network marketing web site and invited my subscribers to join my team, he quickly signed up.

He said to me, "Samson, I signed up for the network marketing program because I have followed your work in the Nigeria real estate industry and I believe in you. Before now, I have always believed that network marketing is fraud. But when you invited me to join the network marketing industry, I did because I believe you're not a fraud. So, if you're in network marketing, it can't be fraud".

Do you get the point?

Attraction marketing helps you build a loyal following, raving fans who believe in you. And since they believe in you, they accept your product recommendations and do business with you because they believe you're the expert.

Here's the beauty of attraction marketing.

When you promote your business using this marketing technique, clients call you and chase after you to do business with you instead you chasing after them.

Amazing, right?

As an mlm marketer, your goal is to build a really big team and earn from the sales performance of your team.

If you use this marketing strategy effectively, you will have people chasing you to join your business instead of making cold calls on prospects and getting insulted along the way by people who can't see beyond the tip of their nose.

Where Do You Start?

The next natural question is, "where do you start?"

One of the best ways to use this marketing technique effectively is to build your own topical information rich web site like this one and attract warm leads, fresh mlm leads to your business every day.

Ready to build your very own information rich mlm web site?

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If you're a real estate agent looking to build a real estate web site, you can take advantage of my real estate web site design and content writing services.

This service is also for you if you want to build a content rich web site on any subject matter.

Bottom line.

This is a low cost way to build a network marketing business, and indeed, any business to amazing levels of success.

So, use it!

The Rules of Attraction Marketing

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